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    Ron Mangun

    Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Neurology

        Ashley Royston

        Psychology Doctoral Student (bio)

          Sean Noah

          Psychology Doctoral Student

            Yuelu Liu, PhD

            Postdoctoral Scholar

                Natalia Khodayari

                Undergraduate Research Assistant

                    Elisa M. A. Jordão

                    Visiting Doctoral Student (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)

                        Sharon Corina

                        Staff Research Associate

                            Kelsey Klein

                            Undergraduate Research Assistant (ASPIRE Scholar)

                                Kira Anderson

                                Undergraduate Research Assistant

                                    Travis Powell

                                    Undergraduate Research Assistant

                                        Eliya Ben-Asher

                                        Lab Alumna (Undergraduate Researcher — Honors Thesis)

                                            Andre Bastos

                                            Lab Alumnus (Doctoral Student, 2008-2013)

                                            Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT

                                                Xiangfei Hong

                                                Lab Alumnus (Visiting Doctoral Student, Chinese Scholarship Council fellow, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2012-2014)

                                                    Jesse Jon Bengson, PhD

                                                    Lab Alumnus (Doctoral student 2008-2013)

                                                    Currently: Assistant Professor of Psychology, Sonoma State University, CA


                                                      Ali Mazaheri

                                                      Lab Alumnus (Postdoctoral Fellow 2008-2010

                                                      Currently: Associate Professor of Psychology, Univ. of Birmingham, UK

                                                        Farran Briggs

                                                        Lab Alumna (Postdoctoral Fellow 2009-2012)

                                                        Currently: Associate Professor of Neuroscience, University of Rochester

                                                          Barry Giesbrecht

                                                          Lab Alumnus (Postdoctoral Fellow 2000-2005)

                                                          Currently: Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, UCSB

                                                            Daniel Weissman

                                                            Lab Alumnus (Postdoctoral Fellow 1999-2002)

                                                            Currently: Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan

                                                              Joseph Hopfinger

                                                              Lab Alumnus (Doctoral student 1993-1998)

                                                              Currently: Professor of Psychology, UNC Chapel Hill

                                                                Todd Handy

                                                                Lab Alumnus (Doctoral student 1994-1998)

                                                                Currently: Professor of Psychology, Univ. of British Columbia

                                                                  Amishi Jha

                                                                  Lab Alumna (Doctoral student 1993-1998)

                                                                  Currently: Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Miami

                                                                    Aviel Haberman

                                                                    Lab Alumna (Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2013-2015)

                                                                        Jaime Napan

                                                                        Lab Alumna (Postbaccalaureate Research Assistant 2014-2017)

                                                                            Alexander Morales

                                                                            Lab Almunus (Undergraduate Research Assistant)

                                                                                Zandra Truong

                                                                                Lab Almuna (Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2012-2014)

                                                                                    Howard Tseng

                                                                                    Lab Alumnus (Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2013)