The neural basis of visual selective attention: a commentary on Harter and Aine

S A Hillyard and G R Mangun (1986). Biol Psychol, 23(3):265-79.

Harter and Aine (1984) have proposed a ‘neural specificity’ model of visual selective attention, based primarily on evidence from recordings of event-related brain potentials (ERPs) in human subjects. In this framework, they consider ERP components elicited during visual-spatial attention to reflect selective neural processing in the tectopulvinar-partietal pathway, whereas selection of visual attributes such as pattern, color, and orientation is manifested by ERPs arising from the geniculostriate-inferotemporal projection system. The present article examines the empirical basis for anatomically-specific hypotheses and considers alternative explanations for the observed ERP changes during selective attention.

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