Developmental dyslexia: passive visual stimulation provides no evidence for a magnocellular processing defect

S Johannes, C L Kussmaul, T F Munte, and G R Mangun (1996). Neuropsychologia, 34(11):1123-7.

Livingstone et al. [Livingstone, M. S., Rosen, G. D., Drislane, F. W. and Galaburda, A. M. Physiological and anatomical evidence for a magnocellular defect in developmental dyslexia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science U.S.A.88, 7943-7947, 1991] presented evidence for a defect of the magnocellular visual processing stream in developmental dyslexia. We attempted to replicate this effect using transient and steady-state VEPs to checkerboard reversal stimuli ina group of adult developmental dyslexics. Several different reversal rates and contract levels were utilized. No differences were found between the dyslexic and control groups for the low-contrast, rapidly reversing patterns, nor for any combination of stimulus rate or contrast that was tested. Thus, these findings do not support a magnocellular processing deficit in developmental dyslexia.

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